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  • Ankle and Foot Injuries

A car accident can be very hard on the lower extremities.  A driver or passenger’s legs may buckle underneath the dashboard at impact, causing a wide-variety of leg injuries.

Even a low-speed impact exerts a lot of force, and this force can spell trouble for the intricate foot and ankle. The human foot and ankle have 26 separate bones. In addition, there are numerous ligaments, muscles, tendons and other soft tissues that hold everything together and provide flexibility and movement.  The ankle joint in particular is a junction for many parts, including the large bone in the lower leg (the tibia), a thinner bone on the outside part of the leg (the fibula), and a rounded bone that joins to the foot (the talus).

A Sudden Stop Can Be Tough on Your Ankle

When a driver or passenger braces themselves (a natural instinct) for impact, they often slam their feet into the floorboard.  This can jam the joints and bones in the ankle and foot causing a compression injury. At a minimum, ligaments and tendons will be affected. If sufficient force is applied to the ankle, a fracture can occur alongside the ligament damage. The resulting injury after an accident will cause swelling and pain and may also include a fracture of the heel bone (calcaneous), the talus, or other bones in the foot.

Sometimes a Break is Better than a Tear for Ankle Injuries After an Accident

Surprisingly, a ligament or tendon tear may be worse than a fracture.  When tendons tear or ligaments are stretched, the healing process may be much longer and more difficult than if the ankle has merely broken. Severe ligament disruptions often require surgery, and a prolonged period of recovery will be required before the ankle joint recovers its normal level of mobility and level of strength. In some cases, screws, metal plates or bands may be required to re-attach ligaments to bones.

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