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  • Knee, Thigh and Hip Injuries


Front-end collisions and other crashes where the driver and passengers are thrown forward, not only cause injury to the head, neck, and back, but also to knees, thighs, and hips.  In what may be a surprise, a study published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that serious injuries to the lower extremities are the second most common injuries for passengers in a car crash, with the first being serious or severe thoracic (upper back) injuries. These knee, thigh, and hip injuries can cause extreme pain, as well as limit the ability to earn a living and support a family. 

Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are very painful, literally causing pain with every step.  Making matters worse, the knee joint complex, making the healing process long.  In many cases, complete recovery may not even be possible due to complications.

Common knee injuries that happen in a car accident include:

Damage to the posterior collateral ligament or PCL with associated pain, swelling and frequent buckling of the knee while walking

  • Dislocation of the knee joint
  • Ruptured tendons
  • Bone fractures
  • Hyperextension of the ligaments surrounding the knee (usually caused by extreme twisting of the joint during impact)
  • Damage to the anterior cruciate ligament(ACL) due to stretching or tearing

Thigh Injuries

Injury to the thigh can result in a fracture caused by contact with the dashboard or steering wheel. The force of a collision can crush the large bone (femur) that runs from the hip down to the knee. Severely fractured femurs may require surgery, which, in many cases, involves pins inserted to hold the broken pieces together so that the bone can heal correctly. These injuries can have lifelong consequences.  For example, if the repaired femur does not align properly, you may have hip problems in the future, and permanent damage and long-term problems with walking.


Hip Injuries

Hip dislocation is one of the more common severe injuries associated with hip pain after a car accident. A hip dislocation can happen when the force of impact drives a your knees into the dashboard, forcing the hip out of position. Symptoms often associated with a hip dislocation include  severe pain, reduced mobility and an abnormal positioning of the hip. Depending on the severity, a hip dislocation may require surgery to keep blood circulating throughout the leg and to avoid permanent injury.

The blunt force from a car accident can also fracture the hip bone. These injuries can be very pain and can takes months to heal, and require extended periods of rests and inactivity.

Hip trauma can also stretch or tear muscle fibers around the hip causing a muscle strain. While this may now sound serious, these injuries can cause severe pain, swelling and weakness.

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