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  • May23

    St. Louis Personal Injury Checklist Part 2


    Part 2: Slip and Fall Accident Checklist


    How to Protect Yourself if You are Injured in a Slip and Fall:

    Our attorneys know that everything happens fast during a slip and fall that keeping your wits about you is not an easy task. And immediately after your fall, the last thing on your mind is gathering evidence. However, contacting medical professionals and gathering evidence is exactly what you need to do to maximize your recovery in your personal injury claim.

     Part 2 of Stlouisinjuries.com Personal Injury Checklist is dedicated to Slip and Fall Accidents. Your actions both at the scene of your personal or workplace slip and fall accident can have a significant impact on your personal injury claim. In order to maximize your chances of recovery, you should immediately contact a professional personal injury attorney and work together to gather the evidence that is crucial to support your case.

    Preserving physical evidence and witness statements is crucial both for establishing the liability of the negligent parties as well as for proving the causation and extent of your injuries. Obtaining witness statements and contact information, taking photographs, and taking notes at the scene can swing a case in your favor. Additionally, those claims in which this critical evidence has been preserved are almost invariably easier to settle at fair value. In the even your claim proceeds to trial, the evidence you’ve collected becomes even more valuable as the basis of proof of liability and damages.

     Our experienced attorneys have compiled a checklist of the pieces of evidence for you to gather should you ever find yourself the victim of a personal or workplace slip and fall accident. The earlier the evidence is collected and the more evidence that is obtained, the better chance you have of seeing a desirable outcome. And if you, the injured person, or a loved one has already begun to put this information together, you will have an even earlier jump on the process.

    Every case is unique and the necessary evidence is not always obvious. Our checklist is designed to assist you in maximizing the amount and value of evidence collected, however these checklists can’t include every type of evidence possible. Below are the tools you need to jump start your claim:

    Get medical attention:  While many slip and fall accidents are relatively minor, broken bones, head trauma or internal injuries are not uncommon. Once the shock has worn off, leaving the scene as quickly as possible is not necessarily the best course of action. However, it is important that a medical professional treat you as soon as possible after a fall.

    Two Reasons Why You should See Medical Professionals

    • First: to keep you out of immediate peril, and
    • Second:it’s important to procure medical attention and obtain, in writing, a professional diagnosis of any injuries initially caused by the fall. Some conditions may take longer to manifest, but if you have a broken arm, cuts, bruises or some other type of wound that was caused by the slip and fall, it is important to document when and how the injury happened while the incident is still fresh.


    • Take as many photos of the area where you fell. Document the conditions of the ground or floor surface as soon as possible to capture the condition at the time of your fall.
    • Slip and Fall Accidents often happen for a reason. Look around for potential causes of a fall such as snow or ice if you are outside, loose carpet, spilled food, liquids pooled on the ground or floor, or broken materials that could have caused you to slip and it is important to photograph and document any potential cause for your fall.
    • Take photographs of any mats, rugs, or slip prevention fabrics at the location. If the location of your accident fails to have any of these fabrics or any other type, take photographs illustrating the potential lack of the safety items.
    • If you sustained a visible injury such as bruising, scrapes, or cuts, it is imperative you photograph such injuries to document their existence for your claim.

     Write Down Your Version of the Fall:

    • You should write down your version of the fall as soon as possible because a present impression of what occurred may be valuable evidence in court, and at the very least it will be valuable in helping one of our experienced attorneys decide how the potential claim should be handled

     Physical Evidence:

    • Save all the physical evidence from your accident that is possible to save.
    • Most importantly save the shoes you wore during the accident.  Place them in a garbage bag and tape it shut in order to preserve any materials that may have stuck to your shoes resulting in your accident.
    • Obtain a physical copy of the accident report.

     Follow all Necessary Procedures:

    • If the incident occurred in a place of business, then you may need to fill out a slip and fall accident report or notify a manager.  While you should not make an effort to resolve the issue in the store, make sure the store is aware of your accident immediately.  
    • If anyone (especially an employee, supervisor or manager) makes a comment suggesting that this has occurred before, or that they were aware of the condition before your fall, make a mental note. If possible, get the name of the person who make the comment. As soon as you are out of the store, write down the name and what exactly the person said, and who else heard him make the statement.
    • These comments and store accident reports will help your attorney prove the business was aware of your accident and any potential hazards causing your accident.
    • If your accident happened during work, follow all employer procedures as well. Document everything you can and obtain copies for your attorney.


    Once you have collected your evidence using our checklist, or if you feel that you need professional help, contact one of our experienced personal injury attorneys at stlouisinjuries.com to maximize your chances of recovery. Our number is (314) 878-2537 or toll free at 1-800-371-8220. Be sure to return for the other checklists regarding other types of personal injury claims. It’s important to know how to properly handle any personal injury situation that might arise.



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